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    Ein Yaakov

    A vast reservoir of Jewish Thought and Wisdom!

    Davka presents the Ein Yaakov, the classic collection of all of the Talmud's Aggadic material compiled by Rabbi Jacob ben Solomon ibn Habib, in the original Hebrew with a modern English translation.

    The Ein Yaakov on CD-ROM features lightning-fast searching, copying/pasting, and printing capabilities, along with simultaneous scrolling text display of both Hebrew and English.

    Ein Yaakov on CD-ROM makes it easy to quickly open up any tractate, browse the English translation, link to the original Hebrew, and even print both in two columns side by side. Search for words and phrases and get fast results! You can even copy text to DavkaWriter, Microsoft Word ®, or your favorite word processor.

    The Ein Yaakov on CD-ROM makes a marvelous addition to your Judaic software library. You will surely enjoy the exhilaration of studying the inspirational Aggadah and you will find it very rewarding. This program is ideal for students, teachers, rabbis, or anyone who cherishes the legacy of Aggadic literature and its importance.

    What is the 'Aggadah'?

    The Aggadah consists of the inspirational and ethical teachings of the Talmud. These legends and stories illustrate the character of the great Rabbinic Sages. The Rabbis come alive as they expound, exhort, encourage the downtrodden, negotiate with Roman emperors and generals, and help the poor, sick and oppressed. These stories extend to every sphere of life, from ethics to astronomy, mysticism to marriage, and medicine. These anecdotes show that the Sages were not just thinkers and philosophers but saintly individuals whose qualities we should emulate.

    About the Translator: Avraham Yaakov Finkel was born in Basel, Switzerland and lived in the Hague, Netherlands until 1942, when he was deported to Bergen-Belsen by the Nazis. He authored of a number of significant volumes, including "The Essential Maimonides", "Great Chasidic Masters", and "The Responsa Anthology".

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      System Requirements:

      PC with Windows XP/Vista/7/8, 32MB RAM minimum, CD-ROM drive

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