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Davka Hebrew Writer

Davka Hebrew Writer is the essential Hebrew-English word processing app for your iPad or iPhone. Type in Hebrew and English, with different fonts, formatting, and styles. You can type Hebrew with nikud - Hebrew vowels - using the convenient nikud bar. The app lists the Hebrew fonts in a special font list, and you can even automatically insert the correct Hebrew or English date into your document. 

Davka Hebrew Writer includes 10 different Hebrew fonts, ranging from standard to decorative styles. You can write in Hebrew or English as your primary language, while still writing text from the other language in "push" mode. 


Davka Hebrew Writer features a built-in Hebrew text library featuring Tanach, Mishnah, and Talmud. It's easy to insert text from these libraries with the tap of a button.


Davka Hebrew Writer imports files saved in rich text and text formats, and can export files to PDF, text, and rich text formats. Files can be shared via email, Facebook, iMessage, or Twitter, or printed to Airprint-compatible printers. Davka Hebrew Writer integrates with iCloud, so that you can work with documents on multiple devices at different times. 


Davka Hebrew Writer now includes the following additional features:


  • iOS 9 Compatibility— Works with Slide Over and Split View* on iPad
  • Document View — Switch between side-by-side document list and full-screen view on iPad 
  • Tabs -- Write with tabs in Hebrew and English 
  • Trop Display and Remove Trop — Tanach text now includes trop. One-button ‘Remove Trop’ feature removes cantillation marks from Tanach text 


*Split View is available on iPad Pro, iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 4

System Requirements: 

iOS 8 or better



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Can DavkaWriter files be opened in the app? Yes. In DavkaWriter, choose 'Export', and under file type, choose 'Plain Text', and chooses 'Create a Unicode UTF-8 text file'. Email the file to your iOS device. When you open it, and tape it, you can then open the file directly in Hebrew Writer.
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