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Chumash & Rashi Explained - Vayikra MP3

Price $24.95

The entire Book of Vayikra (Leviticus) with every verse and every Rashi clearly read and explained in English on one MP3 CD.

Rabbi Shaul Rosenberg draws from the leading commentaries such as RambanR' BachyaOhr HaChaimKlei YakarNetziv, Meshech ChachmaMizrachiGur AryehDivrei DovidMaskil L'Dovid creating a symphony of Torah that will leave you inspired and knowledgeable. Special emphasis is given to Rashi that contains lessons in Hebrew grammar. Click here for audio sample. 
  • Ideal Chumash Study Tool
  • Great review of the Parasha
  • Concise, Clear and Authoritative
  • Perfect for Commuters and Trips
  • Lunch Break - Food for Thought
  • Thought provoking Questions and Answers
  • 36 Hours of Chumash insights
  • Suitable for Students, Parents even Scholars



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