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Davka Transliterated Haggadah

The Davka Transliterated Haggadah contains the text of the Haggadah in English transliteration. It is ideal for creating and personalizing Haggadot for family use, synagogues, and youth groups. The text is supplied in DavkaWriter format, and Rich Text Format (RTF), and is compatible with virtually all Mac and Windows word processors. 

A linear Hebrew/Transliterated text of the Haggadah is also supplied in DavkaWriter, and PDF formats. The transliteration follows the Sephardic pronunciation. 


If you own Torah Texts for Pages Master Edition, this text is already included in your Text Library and you do not need to purchase it again.


System Requirements: 

PC with CD-ROM drive, (for CD version of program), DavkaWriter 6 or 7 for DavkaWriter version, or any RTF-supporting word processor or Mac with OS X and DavkaWriter, or any RTF-supporting word processor (for RTF version)




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Does the Transliterated Haggadah include translation as well? Yes, it does.
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