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Torah Temimah for DavkaWriter

The Torah Temimah, one of the most popular and unique Hebrew commentaries on the Chumash, is now available in DavkaWriter format! 

Written by Rabbi Baruch Epstein and first published in 1902, the Torah Temimah includes relevant Talmudic and Midrashic selections related to each verse, and features Rabbi Epstein's fascinating analysis and commentary on these citations. 

The Torah Temimah for DavkaWriter includes the full text of the Chumash, the Talmudic and Midrashic citations quoted by Rabbi Epstein, and his commentary on these verses. 

Each of the five Chumashim is presented as a separate DavkaWriter file within the DavkaWriter Text Library section of the program, complete with a table of contents at the beginning to easily access chapters and individual Torah readings. Just click the page number next to the Parasha name or chapter, and you will be taken to that section immediately. 

The Torah Temimah for DavkaWriter is a most useful tool for rabbis, educators, and students -- for anyone interested in the relationship between the Written and Oral Law. It is helpful in preparation of Divrei Torah on the Parasha, and in analysis and understanding of the Talmudic and Midrashic statements that are relevant to the Torah readings. 

It's easy to print the text of the Chumash and Torah Temimah on several verses or an entire chapter. Using DavkaWriter, you can even export the file to PDF format for later study on a tablet or mobile device. 

Please note: Included texts are in Hebrew only. 

System Requirements: 

DavkaWriter 6 or 7 for Windows, or DavkaWriter 7 for Mac



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