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KosherLamp MAX

Price $44.95
Out of stock.

MAXimize Your Light on Shabbos or Yom Tov

Available in USA and Canada only.

Kosher Lamp Max is the innovative reading lamp designed for Shabbat and holidays. A simple twist reveals or hides the light - thus making it the perfect solution for Shabbat use. It's a practical and innovative idea that's perfect in any room, as a gift or for everyone in your family. The directed light won't disturb others and it uses an energy saving bulb that lasts many years.

Kosher Lamp Max is not only useful for Shabbat use, but is ideal for weekday usage as well. It can be an adjustable night light or a light that will help you find your clothes on those early, dark morning. Best of all, the directed light won't wake other people!

The KosherLamp Max uses a special, energy-saving light bulb called a Compact Fluorescent Bulb. (Also called Compact Fluorescent Lamp or Energy Saving Bulb).

Great ways to use the KosherLamp Max!


  • Read in bed on Friday night, then hide the light when you're done reading.
  • Use the directed light so you won't disturb others.
  • Let guests enjoy the luxury of a KosherLamp in their room.
  • Use KosherLamp in the baby's room so you can tend to her at night.
  • Give the children a KosherLamp so they can read in bed too. (They'll actually want to go to bed!)
  • Use the KosherLamp during the week as an adjustable nightlight.
  • Safe to leave on for a 3-day Yom Tov.

KosherLamp Max Features


  • MAXimum size window
  • 2X more light
  • New modern design
  • Makes it even easier to read in bed!
  • Bright-white bulb included
  • Even easier to turn
  • Smooth twisting action
  • KosherLamp base won't move when twisting shade
  • When darkened, no light will leak
  • Easy-to-use thumb switch
  • Quick flip turns power on/off

Available in Cherry-Wood color only

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