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cRc Kosher

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Shopping for Kosher products is easy with cRc Kosher from Davka! 

cRc Kosher includes kosher product lists, the cRc's Fruit and Vegetable Guide, as well as a listing of over 80 Kosher agencies worldwide recommended by the cRc, complete with logos and contact information. 

cRc Kosher includes cRc Passover information for 2014, including Kosher-for-Passover food items, kashering, Tevilas Keilim, medicines, pets, health and beauty, and non-food items. 


Have a question about kosher? Just one click and you're in E-Mail contact with the cRc. 



It's a free download from the App Store! 

cRc is the Chicago Rabbinical Council, the largest regional Orthodox organization in North America. 


System Requirements

iPhone or iPod Touch with iOS 6 or higher


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