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Torah Texts for Pages Master Edition

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Torah Texts for Pages Master Edition
Torah Texts Master Edition provides one-click access to the classic texts of Judaism for use with Pages for Mac. These texts can then be used by schools, institutions, and individuals to create customized study and reference materials using Pages.
Torah Texts for Pages makes it easy to find just what you need, using the app's organized system of finding specific books, chapters, and sections. It also adds a unique 'Remove Vowels Points and Cantillation Marks' feature  to Pages and other apps, which allows users to remove Hebrew vowel points and trope markings from any Hebrew text that is in Pages. 
Click the Torah Texts tab and the list of available books appears on the screen. Choose the book and relevant chapter or section that you would like to open, and click on the ‘Open in Pages’ button.  The text instantly appears in a new Pages file, and can be copied and pasted into all of your Pages documents. 
Once the text is in Pages, you can stylize and change its appearance and formatting. You can even remove nikud and trop. Just select the text, go the the ‘Services’ menu, within Pages, and choose either of these two options. 
The Master Edition includes the following texts:
* Hebrew text of Tanach (Hebrew Bible) with vowels and cantillation marks
* English translation of Tanach
* Hebrew text of Rashi on Chumash with vowels
* Hebrew text of the weekly Torah reading
* Hebrew text of the weekly Haftarah reading
* Hebrew text of the Siddur with vowels
* Hebrew text of Mishnah with vowels
* Hebrew/Aramaic text of the Talmud
* Mishneh Torah 
Transliterated Siddur
* Shabbat Zemirot
* Selichot
* High Holiday Machzor
* Transliterated High Holiday Machzor
* Passover Haggadah in Hebrew, English, and Transliteration
* Tisha B'av Kinot and services
* Transliterated Tehillim (Psalms
System Requirements
Mac with Pages 5.2 or higher, set for Hebrew language input.

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